Aldwick Estate Stall image

Aldwick Estate

Award winning Rose, White and Sparkling English wine from the venue’s vineyard

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Auree Jewellery Stall image

Auree Jewellery

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Alvis Brothers, Lye Cross Farm Stall image

Alvis Brothers, Lye Cross Farm

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Asby House Stall image

Asby House

Antique and vintage glass, silver and silver plate for your dining table.

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Basia’s Country Cottage Kitchen Stall image

Basia’s Country Cottage Kitchen

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Black Mountain Smokery Stall image

Black Mountain Smokery

“Gently smoked over Welsh oak”, naturally smoked fish, meats and cheese.

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Brockleby Pies Stall image

Brockleby Pies

Multi-award winning savoury, fruit, game and Melton Mowbray pork pies to consume at home.

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Book Events by the Book People Stall image

Book Events by the Book People

Best selling books at up to 75% off recommended retail price.

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Crash Bang Kids Stall image

Crash Bang Kids

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Cat Christopherson Stall image

Cat Christopherson

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Chien Lunatique Stall image

Chien Lunatique

Discerning canine gifts with a twist

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Filipski&Kirkus Stall image


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Flossie’s Antiques Stall image

Flossie’s Antiques

Small pieces of country furniture and decorative antiques.

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Facets Fashion Stall image

Facets Fashion

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Herringbone and Plaid Stall image

Herringbone and Plaid

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Leather Genie Stall image

Leather Genie

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Little Leaf Organics Stall image

Little Leaf Organics

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Lucy Bradshaw Jewellery Stall image

Lucy Bradshaw Jewellery

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Malthouse Stall image


Gorgeous scarves and fabulous bags.

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Mister Master & Little Miss Stall image

Mister Master & Little Miss

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Mette Hoj Stall image

Mette Hoj

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Pink Avocet Stall image

Pink Avocet

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Pinksters Gin Stall image

Pinksters Gin

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Pebble and Frost Stall image

Pebble and Frost

Ladies clothing bags and accessories: cashmere mix jumpers, scarves and wraps, day and evening bags, purses, hats, gloves and mitts and a small selection of complimentary jewellery.

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Summerdown Mint Stall image

Summerdown Mint

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Swole Panda Stall image

Swole Panda

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Tess Clothing Stall image

Tess Clothing

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Terra Nova Shoes Stall image

Terra Nova Shoes

Italian and Spanish shoes and boots with coordinating accessories – handbags and scarves.

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Two Willows Stall image

Two Willows

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The House of Bluebelle Stall image

The House of Bluebelle

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The Italian Knitwear Company Stall image

The Italian Knitwear Company

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The Real Boar Company Stall image

The Real Boar Company

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The Adventurer Stall image

The Adventurer

Gifts for the “Great Outdoors” for all ages.

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Tugboat Teas & Coffees from Cornwall Stall image

Tugboat Teas & Coffees from Cornwall

Based in Cornwall, Tugboat sells a range of over 90 loose leaf teas plus fresh roasted coffees from our shop in the heart of Truro and online.  Tugboat also sells a range of tea and coffee making equipment, gift boxes and reusable cups.

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Yara’s Fudge Stall image

Yara’s Fudge

Traditional crumbly, tablet fudge in over 15 flavours including bestsellers like Salt Flake City or Burnt Black Treacle Fudge as well as out new bestseller, Chilli & Lime Fudge.

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